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Sneha Paulchoudhury Sneha Paulchoudhury
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The Dark Side

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Do we all know the dark side of ourselves...our life??

Do we ever wonder what it would be like to discover the dark side of ourselves?
I think it would be very interesting. Many psychologists believe that they can master the profession only when they come in touch with their inner self, the deeper self which is imbibed into us from the time we are born. Most of the time we never get in contact with our inner self as it is a crucial journey within us which not everyone can take. However, we must all make an effort to go through this journey within us to know the real truth about life.
We often believe that the biggest truth of life is death. Even i used to believe the same, but now when i have started my own journey to discover that hidden and the deeper side of myself, that i realise that knowing oneself and the soul within is the key to the answers to all our questions. It is indeed the ultimate truth because we as human beings are mortals but our soul is always immortal and even when we are dead, our body just exhausts itself and leaves the universe but our soul remains. May be while i learn to go through this journey on my own, i would probably come across the darker side of my soul but that would not be from a negative perspective. We can always make our dark side our brighter side and always transform its weakness into strength. That’s what our subconscious teaches us and that’s what the darker side is all about.
My dark side as i perceive it as on today would be my inadequacy to express my thoughts verbally. I try to overcome that flaw in me by writing my thoughts down. I feel strong inside and transfer all my energy into these words that I’m jotting down.
Sometimes, you have to feel the pain of something to actually realise the emotion behind it. It’s quite ironical that only when we feel pain, we can express better and also that all our other major emotions, like love, affection, faith..They get ignited even more.  However, its happiness and joy that we all wish for. We struggle all our life just to gain happiness, yet the biggest path and way to gain that merriment in life is to be able to go through pain.

Knowing your soul and reaching to that spiritual level in oneself is a big challenge in a world full of chaos and madness. Thats why we call it the dark side..although this self realization of reaching to one's inner-self should be the most purest form of human emotion. Its very difficult to love ourselves and respect the person within us. It requires a lot of acceptance, wisdom and honesty.

I hope we can all someday reach that subconscious within ourselves and go further deep inside our souls. We are all searching for the ultimate truth of life. All we need to do is look for it nowhere else but within ourselves.   In the process of this incredible journey of soul searching we might have to come across the darker things in life and the darker side of us, which we all possess, but it should always be our strength like we make pain our biggest power to reach the unknown yet the most fascinating part of the human mind.

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