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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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soul mates

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

This is one of the many poems written during a very difficult time in my life.. They are several years old, but I still like to show where I've been in life and how I've overcome these obstacles. Life may seem overwhelming at times, but just hang in there and you can make it through.

Another endless night
In my insomniac life.
As I stare at the wall
I have no emotions at all.
I can not feel a thing;
I'm still numb from the sting
That was given by hate,
Trying to seal my fate.
I'm still trapped inside
And there's no where to hide.
There's no way out
As I'm tossed about.
I'm losing to the pain
That is pouring down like rain.
As I sit here and cry,
I wish I could die.
But there's never an end
Like my heart that will not mend.
It's too dark; I can not see
I hope something will save me.
I keep falling down
But I'll never reach the ground.
My life's a bottomless pit
Where no one gives a sh*t.
Please God take your son
For death has finally won.

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