Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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I mean this as a compliment, but I felt this as a Hallmark moment. If it were written on a card, I would also include the last two lines.

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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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My Everything

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I Cannot Resist
Why should life be complicated, anyway?
They told me...
I think I'm in Love
Make me Free Again

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soul mates

You're away. Again.
I'm by myself once more.
Yet I wear a smile as I close my eyes
and remember you...

When we're together you hold me.
You keep my cold hands warm
and the negativity drains inside me
when you make me laugh.
I love it when it's just
me and you.
Time stops when we hug and
tell each other
"I love you."

My heart flutters when I hear your voice.
Your smell is intoxicating
and the touch of your lips
sets my skin on fire.
I'm falling deeper and deeper
in love.
I was scared to fall but now
I know you'll be at the bottom,
ready and waiting to catch me.

You are so romantic, my love.
You are so dedicated.
You tell me I'm pretty and appreciate
my imperfections. 1 comment

You are everything to me.

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