Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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"To remember vain of the love that was never meant to be" Have to be honest, this doesn't make sense!

Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
Recommendations: 35

The added word makes it better :)

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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The Wolf with the Red Rose

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soul mates

Sometimes things aren`t always what they appear to be. The older I get, the more sublime my reasoning seems to be. Words which I once thought to be oh so foolish now speak to me as I pause to look at that now wrinkling man in the mirror. Could it be that he waxes a little wiser with the passing of the years?

Beware of that smiling
snare which supposes you to be
not so quick to see
the true face
beyond the laughing eyes
the sparkle of his voice
which nullifies the night
of the lonely

The tainted blood
of his seeming enchanted love
is but a whispered dream
of promise deeply beyond
his means to secure
for you
that which your heart
always longed for

Beware of the wolf
with the red rose
dressed to kill you
softly, to lay you down
in fields of green
and, at last to leave you
torn and bleeding
your heart agape
with bittersweet
photos to remember in vain
of the love
that was never
meant to be 2 comments

Beware the wolf
which scatters hearts
in his wake to meet
his need

to quench
a thirst
beyond your understanding
wait, wait, I say
and true love will arise
to conquer the day.

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