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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Blackout Deep

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soul mates

Lately, we were plunged into darkness as a tremendously powerful electrical storm rendered us powerless under a blanket of darkness for two nights and two days. It reminded me of our huge reliance on the power grid just to live from day to day. It made me wonder what it would be like in light of a world-wide apocalypse. perhaps I`ll never look at a flickering candle in quite the same way again.

In a twinkling of time
everything can change
a heartbeat stumbles
in its`walk of day
Yesterday, we were plunged
into darkness
into a blackness
not easily understood

What sudden crisis!
what outrageous
just the arrogant thought
that a prince de-crowned
would become a beggar
to sleep in cardboard box
deprived of satinned sheets 1 comment

He forages half-eaten steak
from garbage can
and sighs to think
of finer meals
which he supped
from silver spoon

We were not seen for
day or two
we were lost
on the grid
which made us real
and not imagined

Oh, how we felt
so much like powerless infants
as we watched
others with the power
to cook their simple meals
while we snacked on pop
and exorbitantly priced
food of junk

by candle light
we remembered the good
and raged against the evil
we whiled away the hours
listening to our hearts
still it was black
deep with imagined
creatures of the night

all about us we could hear the confused
voices of humanity
suddenly friendly to stranger
pride died that
night of nights and when
the power returned
we slipped back into ourselves
secretly joyful
that we did not have to face ourselves
giddy in the knowing
that we were
once again

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