Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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*Have I become your enemy may sound better, just 'cause 'am I' sort of doesn't read right. Liking it so far though!

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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The Last Chord

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soul mates

Lately, I`ve hearing about the impending mandatory micro-chip implant slated to come into effect sometime in 2013. It makes me feel strangely chilled, and it`s plus 26, as I live and breathe.

When the last chord is played
who will be there
to call for an encore?
when the singer has stepped away
from the shrieking microphone
who will be there
to bring it to a close?

Heads up
the blood moon rises
when the chip is inserted
and then
what will you know of freedom?

the muddied pool
will become
clear crystal
when they know
your thoughts
before you said them

and your hidden itinerary
your every move
is naked under the eye of The Sky
there`ll be no mamma
to tuck you into your
flaming bed tonight

the final hurrah is slated
in ivory towers
where the super rich
Business Man
will call the shots
at least on this plane
we call Life

the doomsday preppers
know something
that the rest of us
too long have denied

What? don`t curse me!!
Have I become your enemy
because I tell you the Truth?
``and what is truth?``
asked Pilate...
the truth doth stand before
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Midnite crawl
midnite creep
and it`s all over
in a moment
in the paralysis
of Society
for all of your money
will not buy for thee
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Run to the hills
and the hills will flee
to the Sea
the eternal sea
when a man cannot
find a crust of bread
to fill his face
for morsel sweet
he may just kill

nature weeps
for what is coming
to the Earth
the Sword suspended
high above
unsuspectant heads
they ,``tra-la-la``
with their song
of better day to come

Wake up! wake-up!
and even then it may be
too sorrowfully late
never mind, never mind
I `ve cried the prophet
song too long
go back to sleep!
It will awaken you

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