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Abby Munguia Abby Munguia
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A Changed of Fate( not really short but hope you guys like it)

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She had a friend.

      It's sad now a days. A mother will steal from her own child and have her own blood turn on her. Just to keep her name clean. Just to show the family that she was never the bad person to begin with. So what becomes of the child. Do she turn to her father who left her at the age of 3 due to the fact her own mother was caught cheating on him with another man. No she keeps her emotions bottled and she keeps the truth inside her.

Years past and things grew more painful for her. A mother that once told her daughter she loved her told her daughter to kill herself. The painful words bring the daughter to tears. Even though she thought about that she should. She pushed herself to ignore it ignore the pain of hearing those words. When the daughter had enough of the mom. The mom made her move to her father's sister's house. Which she knew that her own daughter would had to endure the same problem as she dealt with her mother. Soon later her life seem to began to change as she met a boy that promise her everything. He was nice to her, he listen to her, gave her hope but all that changed when she gave him what he wanted. She became unsure who to trust only the Few people that helped her with the pain she felt for 16 years. Her female cousin who was like a mom that she never had telling her she has a lot to live for. When she turned 17 she went back to her mother's house hoping things would changed but it didn't. It was like a rerun again and she felt the need to drink and smoke again.

One day she had enough she just gave up on the people that hurt her and pushed herself to changed she made friends at her new school and got her grades up to at least a C or up. Then at 18 she graduated and met her first love that she never forgot about unsure about him. She kept herself at a distance always making sure she won't get hurt. The boy loved her and shared something to her she won't forget. He use to be in jailed and in jailed he killed a man. She looked at him different but knew that her love for him cant be changed but it soon did as he put her down and flirted with other women. She left him and thought she need time for herself so she did end up dating another man. He was a man that had money and loved to show it off. But he did not like it when the things he wanted weren't doing want he wanted. So what he did was beat them up or sniffed something toxic into his system. He try to force the girl to do drugs she didn't do it. But instead she had enough and left the man. But in the end he beat her. Her first love called her and they talked she told him everything. She ran back to him forgetting the fact she left him because he refuse to change that he still flirted with other women.
She believe he would changed but as fate had it he didn't he soon propose to her and a week after left her. Due to the fact a security guard was flirting with her and  she didn't hit him like her fiancee at the time wanted her to.

Broken and down she was tired of the same thing she lit her cigarette and called for someone to talk to no one. Then she had a ring on her cellphone. It was her best friend who she had a crush on. He asked her what was wrong and she pour out her feelings of what had happened. He laughed and told her the guy must be blind to think she would cheat on him. Her friend knew her story and knew her inside and out. He soon begged her time after time to forget her ex. 3 months pasted since the break up of her and her ex fiancee. Her friend soon threaten to come over and threw the box of her ex's things inside away. She would laugh every time they would talk. They would even talk on the web cam late as night and soon fell asleep on them together.

One day he went to see her and when he went to see her he kept on trying to hug her and protect her from getting cold. Scared to have the same thing happened to her again she distance herself. But in the end he end up stealing a kiss from her. 2 weeks pasted and he asked her if she would be his girlfriend and she told him she will think about it. She thought long and hard and later said yes.

He took her to see his parent then to their family. Things were different then she expected she was with a family that loved her and a man that adore her. After 6 months of dating and 2 years of being close friends the guy ask her to marry him and she said YES.

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