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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Doppelganger - Reflection of the Soul

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soul mates

I wrote this piece just to see how far I can wade out into the deep. Some things in this life are a mystery and perhaps, we`ll never really know the answer to some things ,until we cross over to the other side.

the dictionary
has you figured
as the ghostly form
of one`s self
but does anyone really know?
some say that you are an escapee
from the dark side of our souls

I`ve been told by
an old German
that you are my double
the evil side of me
and yet, distinctly
separate, alone
forever searching
the corridors of this world
always looking for something
you can`t define

And, they say if I ever met you
we would have no choice
but to annihilate
each other
because it`s not possible
for us to occupy
the same space in Time

If I met you late one night
around some mystical corner
what would you look like?
would you be the manifestation
of my worst fear?
my dreaded mirror-image?
or would you reach out
your death-cold hand
to befriend me?
perhaps I`ll never know
perhaps I do not want to know

Maybe there are things
better left alone
perhaps there are things
which are only
seen by the eyes of my Angel
one day, I`ll have to ask him
that, is ,if he ever
gets a chance to
Lay down his Sword.

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