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3rd line should be 'MY' not MI.

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The Writer

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soul mates

This is about being a writer and to become a writer, you must write all the time.

I didn't know that I wanted to be a writer until now, so when I write
I make sure my pen never leaves the paper
Once I start writing, I'm in a world of mi own
I just picture myself far away in another place
Where nobody knows me, somewhere where I can't be found
Silence at last, I can write so write away, don't stop keep writing
So you can be as good as 'Shakespeare' and be able to write a play like 'Romeo and Juliet'
Feel proud of what you can achieve in the future, by getting your work published
Get recognized, as a writer
So people will look up to you
So keep up the good work
Never give up
Keep writing. 1 comment

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