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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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soul mates

Another silly hill-billy piece from your friendly neighbourhood scribe! This is a marked departure from my usual eerie self. Enough of this gloom-doom ! I`ve repented and now I shall write about the lighter least for a while.

I wrote a story
but no one discussed it
I was disgusted
then came the inevitable..WHY?
deep within came my shy sigh
why do I bother?
my brawther
are my works
like winsome jerks
viewed for imagined perks
kind of a cosmic joke? huh?

I would love to one day
open my small library, Ray
of evolving Work at play
only to find the comment say
``Your work stinks!``
ya rotten Sphinx!
then I would know,Ho.. that
there is indeed some
honest bro
in this crooked world

I`m not one to `sob or boo-hoo``
about my lot on life`s work crew
or to contemplate
the crow, on my din-din plate
or maybe my creative mode
too set on perpetual Overload
what do ya think, silent one?
ever have fun
in the sun?

I have lately had a pregnant idee
as you can plainly see
I can`t rhyme worth snitch
but, here`s my pitch
do you suppose we can beleaguer
our revered Big Leager leader
to get our stuff
out of the gruff
of this little fish pond
to where people can read our stuff?
hey, are you dissin`me?

To date, I, alone;
have written in stone
over 50plus pieces
when I think about it, I wheezes
is it possible to saturate
my fate of late, mate

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