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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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contrast and compare

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i see angels above me, i see demons below me, fighting over heaven.
i loved her more when i was sober.
i don't want a second chance.
love starts with that of a flickerin' cigarette
i swear i could feel your love before i knew your name.

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soul mates

I cannot remember a time when wearing a smile

didn't feel a lot like a mask nor can I recall

when being content wasn't a costume I have to wear.

There's this sound that echo's inside of me,

it occurs too often for me to consider it healthy;

but occasionally I do pray that it would go away.

It's just hard to forget just how pretty the melody

of her laughter had been; and so now insanity

is something I pray for daily, almost religiously.

What I wouldn't give to just give up completely

and bask in the glory of the collapse of my psyche.

It's just my will power is much too strong for any

type of destruction, despite how hard I try and try.

For years I bathed in self loathing hate and pity

but some how even in that I seemed to fail absolutely.

So then here I am, left sorting out my broken memory

like a garbage picker and still I remain unlucky

because all I seem to discover is those happily

ever after moments; and so anxiety picks away at me

as I try to figure out just why I feel only misery.

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