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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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When Darkness Was Upon The Face of the Deep

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soul mates

I have lately started getting in touch with The Main Man. As is common among old men, I`ve come to realize that one day, I will fall asleep for the last time. At 57, I look full face into the void of Eternity, and I wonder....

Sometimes, we forget that we are only human
when we consider how we are
what we are made up of...
``In the Beginning...
in our arrogance,we all too soon
forget that we so easily bleed
that we are kept from flying off this planet
kept whirling around on this fragile rock
planted solidly by a thing called gravity
it`s a natural law that no one can deny
Why are you so suddenly silent?
I ain`t talkin`religion
I ain`t preachin`
I`m just stokin`a flame
that we`ve so long
kept on the back burner
that`s àll!

What if
as if...
you want me to believe
I came from a monkey?
I don`t love bananas that much!
Darwin, before he went off
to that Great Unknown
refuted his own theory
I don`t know that he
loved bananas, do you?
``...created the heavens and the earth.``

Once, my face was covered
in darkness
and I know people
don`t like to hear IT
but if you read me
you will hear more
than you can possibly bear
``and the earth was without form and void....``

I was, at one time
without form and void
grasping for some straw of truth
to make some sense of
this Life
like a baby
breaking through into
this existence
this life
filled with mystery

Not knowing where I'm going
nevertheless eager
to see what is over
the next rise

Still darkness covered my face
in the Deep
deep, deep
blue sea of Me

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