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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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A Mother's Miracle

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About Motherhood

On angel’s wings he was placed there
For you to hold in your loving care
For you to love and teach lessons galore
He’ll grow and prosper for all to adore
He’ll learn to crawl, walk, run and play
And awe you more with each passing day
He will open your eyes to such simple pleasures
The lessons he will teach you cannot be measured
Unconditional is the love of a baby
Will your love match his?  It’s a definite maybe!
The love of a mother is honest and true
It is evident in everything you will do
Your child will feel warm and safe in your arms
Your child will slowly unveil his charms
You’ll hear his coos and watch him smile
You’ll just want to sit and hold him awhile
Be sure to treasure his laughter; his tears
For too quickly time passes from days into years
Before you know it, he’ll be leaving your nest
To spread his wings and try his best
On his road to love,adventure,success
For he is a miracle

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