Davide Castel Davide Castel
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typo, rec'e'iving and not ie.

Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Lucy, I was just trying to be clever in remembering th echoing voice of my English grade school teacher..``Allen, remember, I before E, except after C!``

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

Perhaps here is Aussie land, we may think a little differently? However, I get your point.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Dark Time

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soul mates

Hello, I`m the Big Indian from Saskatchewan, Canada. I live and write from the perspective of the wide and flat prairee! On a clear day, I can see for miles .Nothing much gets past me.

In a dark time
when obscure sayings
ruled the world
the people choked
on double-speak

the ghost of
Forked Tongue
is back
with a vengeance!

What I say
is clearly
not what I really meant
the fact is
if you live a lie
all your little life
sadly, you will begin
to build a secretive shrine
to its`brazen dishonour

In an age when
duplicity reigns
with iron Hand
the dim flicker
of truth
will direly shine
the darkest
veiled meaning

Though, I must not be
too, too harsh
on these things that
creep into the camp
I must confess
that I regress
to the days when
I loved dark sarcasm 1 comment

The sharp tongue
is the one I grew to love
and faintly admire
in the mire
of my education

Did you hear what I said?
or only what your heart
desired to hear?
It`s gotten so
that you cannot even trust
your own shadow
Is anyone out there
recieving this signal?
I before e
I before thee 3 comments

selfish is my name
or so I would have you to believe
old folks call it
in silent terms
your heart
if it is pure
will only give you what is bonafide

poor lonely me
am I the only little voice here
who is able to discern between bull
and rare out-dated truth
we can all
put that in our
pipe and smoke it.

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