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Orange is one (of) the best colours I've ever seen.

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soul mates

Red is like a child’s cheeks at play in winter snow
Red is fresh strawberries on the vines where they grow
Red is my beating heart and the blood in my veins
Red is bold and never plain

Orange is a fruit that can be sweet or sour
Orange is the sun in the evening hour
Orange is the month of October harvest and Halloween
Orange is one of the best colours I’ve ever seen 2 comments

Yellow is the colour of our sun at the noon hour
Yellow is the colour of corn or sunflowers
Yellow can be bright or golden like honey
Yellow is just; well, sunny

Green is the colour of life blooming
Green is the colour of envy, all consuming
Green is our Plants, vegetables and trees
Green is the water at the bottom of our seas

Blue is our oceans, lakes and streams
Blue is the sky of clouds and daydreams
Blue is the mood we feel when we are down
Blue is a favourite colour here in town

Indigo is the colour of midnight blue
Indigo is a colour with a darker hue
Indigo is like a dark sapphire
Indigo are the children whose visions are inspired

Violet is a popular name for girl
Violet is the colour of blueberry swirl
Violets are flowers of blue
Violet is the colour purple too

Together as one, these colours form a rainbow
A symbol of all the treasures the world bestows
When you see this symbol and you go looking for the gold
Remember all the gifts of which you’ve just been told

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