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Jason Dookeran Jason Dookeran
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The Boys are back in town

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This was kinda gory. Sorry for the graphic images.

Jim ran out into the dusty road, the moonlight spilling around his body as the rustling of the corn behind him ceased. They had run The Boys out of the town a couple years ago after they had found out what they were doing. No matter how you cut it, cannibalism was never acceptable in civilized society and the town of Audage prided itself on being civilized. But tonight...

A gunshot rang out from the cornfield behind him followed by the loud whoops of a high-spirited teenager. Jim scrambled to his feet and ran in mortal terror. He could hear the tramping of steel-tipped work boots as they cut through the corn, snapping stalks as easily as The Boys had snapped necks.

He had been there the night they had found out about the sinister doings at The Boys' Ranch, on the outskirts of Audage. On a night like this, the townsfolk raided the Ranch and broke down the front doors, but they were far too late to catch The Boys out at what they were doing. The mess they had left behind, however, was haunting.

Jim would never forget the limbs scattered around the serving table, sliced up as fine as a Christmas ham. It had made him sick to see legs and arms laid out neatly on the kitchen counter, and some meat, skillfully deboned and left in a bowl. The Boys didn't have time to fix their macabre meal before the posse broke open their house. The sight and smell of the dismembered limbs made the entire crew retch and puke their guts out on the floor, Jim foremost among them.

Another gunshot from closer behind him brought him back to the present. A loud whoop followed the warning shot and Jim heard the second shot almost as soon as he felt the hot lead burn into his leg. He cried out in pain as he collapsed in the road. The shot had torn a bit out of his leg and he struggled to stand before giving up and trying to crawl for the edge of the cornfield.

A boot flipped him over and he looked right up into the dead eyes of one of the Boys. "Looks like The Boys are back in town," the grinning lad said. "Dinner is served Boys!"

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