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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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She had a friend.
Now and then.
Silent words.

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Life has been giving me some hurdles to jump though.

      Under all the sun and smiles you may never guess what is truly underneath this
facade. You would never know that I pray to God for the serenity to keep myself from releasing the unseen.

I can't believe you have the guts to tell me that you think I would hurt my sister in such
a way, that makes me sick to my stomach.  That you tell me I need to stay away from my sister gives me the impulse to smack you in the face.

I have every right to see my sister so don't try to stop me. Now that I know you and your family don't trust me it just makes it easy for me to leave. This facade is to show you that yes it may hurt, but I will not show you that I am weak.

I do have something to thank you for. For not having faith in me, that I can prove you wrong make's me stronger. Underneath this facade you will see that I am not, the self-centered bitch that you claim I am.

Underneath this facade lies a girl who is a living testimony,
for I have been though thick and thin.

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