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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Different trees, different Oaks.

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soul mates

Different strokes for different folks.

If God made us all the same
There’d be no songs to sing
If all were known by the same name
There’d be no birds on wing.
If we had carbon copies for brains
We would walk the same streets
Sing the same songs, take the same trains,
Wait for drums to sound same beats.
No poetry, no essays, no books,
Uniformity would be the order
If we all had exact same looks
There’d be no need for borders.
If all our thinking followed lines
To exactly intersected highways
If we never stretched or bent our minds
There wouldn’t be any byways.
Puppets dangling on a string
Without a hint of difference
No separate thoughts, no free will things
No power of independence.
What a boring world we’d live in
We’d never play a football game
With no Olympic race to win,
There’d be no fortune, medals, fame.
Thank you, God, for making man
Like you, in your own image
With freedom to take a stand
Each with a different lineage.
Thank you for the USA
And our flag, red, white and blue.
Thank you Lord for freedom's way.
Thank you that I chose you.

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