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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Short Story

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She had a friend.


      Chapter One

They found him face down in a puddle of self-contempt. Beside his right hand was the
still smoking gun. On his typewriter, they found his opening chapter... 'It was a dark and stormy night.` In fact, those were the exact words, on the blood splayed, 1st and last page, of his unfinished novel.

  Most people who knew him didn`t really know him.  Now, he could, at last be a bonafide `ghost writer.``He had wanted so bad to become a world famous novelist.  A lot of kids would just die from self-gratification if they could just become President of the U.S.of A.! But, not him. He just wanted to thrill the whole damned world with his beautiful words! But, it was never meant to be.

He had stood in the shadows of lesser writers, as others passed by, his hidden gift. While he lived and breathed, he desired more than anything else, to be recognized for his genius. Then, one day, he woke up to the real world. Someone, whom he respected, laughed at a sample of his work, and; soon thereafter, his world started to crumble, piece by excruciating piece.

At first, he tried, to convince himself, that it wasn`t worth it, to end it all. Someone who loved him dearly tried to call him back from the abyss. But, at long last, all he could hear was the quiet echo of his sobbing heart. The ache of painful rejection was more than he could bear! And the last thing he heard, was the hammer, falling on the chamber of the gun.

                                THE END.

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