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Paul Day Paul Day
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The Fountain of Youth

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soul mates

The mysterious location of the fabled fountain of youth.

In valleys green and rivers wild,
where creature rare and free,
roam the untamed wilderness,
from forests dark to raging sea.

In the mountains far inland,
where fire spews forth with trembling
and treacherous rocky outcrops,
leave adventurers disassembling.

There lies in hidden secret,
the desires of all mankind,
kept safe inside monolithic rock,
since the very dawn of time.

A fountain in a canyon,
between the towering stone.
lies waiting for discovery,
for whom the death bell tomes.

Few have ever seen it
and fewer still survived to tell.
For many in search of heaven there,
were sent instead to the pit of hell.

Pure waters of eternity,
bubble up from ancient rock.
Whoever drinks, the legend says,
will still time’s ticking clock.

But traps lay for the unwary,
the inexperienced and unwise.
For many dangers yet unseen,
wait in unknowable disguise.

Rumour has it one man alive,
alone from fountain drank.
But he was dismissed as fraud,
his stunt declared a prank.

So the fountain is secure for now,
from meddling human hands.
For how long no one yet can tell,
save the most determined mortal man.

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