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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Tales of the Inexplicable

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Sometimes, as I sit here, alone at night, my mind turns to stories I have heard in the not too distant past.Some people don`t like to consider matters which defy logic.There`s just no way to explain the things that happen from time to time.When she was alive, my mother told me of an incident which occurred in our home on the Sandy Lake Reserve in Northern Saskatchewan. As the story goes, given in mind, that my mother was not given to fibs, she recounted this tale to me of a curious incident which transpired in our home approximately 18 years ago.Her and my step-brother, Randy,were having supper one evening and of a sudden, the salt-shaker started a slow spin, on it`s own.They couldn`t believe their eyes!Then, it stopped it`s unbelievable motion, leaving them stunned beyond belief.I know it sounds like some kind of fabricated old wive`s tale.But,why would they lie? My mother never, ever lied to me about such things!I know that there are other people out there who also have such a story to tell.
Even, in Prince Albert, we have heard creepish stories to make your skin to crawl. One story is told of a janitor`s encounter with,``something other-worldly`at the location which used to house The Bingo Gardens. By the by, this place of gambling was situated right next to The South Hill Cemetary.Is it possible that the things we fear the most sometimes come to life?Anyway, as the story goes this man is alone, after hours,in this building and he sees someone walking into the washroom.He goes to check on the intruder, and within moments, he comes running out for his very life. In hot pursuit, is something, that he couldn`t explain, even long after the incident had long subsided.It is told , by his relatives, that he runs home for approximately a mile and a half!When he finally gets homes he is kicking the door down to get inside!
His face is ashen white, and he cannot speak a word.They call for a taxi and they take him to the Victoria Union Hospital, where he is sedated. And finally, he falls asleep.Sounds fantastic, doesn`t it?And, this is only one of many stories which emerge as urban legends once in awhile.
One more tidbit, and I`ll take your leave, as just now, I felt a sudden chill.What was that noise just outside on the street. It sounded like the clip-clop of hooves. Oh, never mind, back to my story, and I end with this. Consider the incident of this certain lady of the evening who ventured out into the cool evening to provide her own dubious service for all interested takers.She is standing on the corner of 10th and Central when this huge Lincoln pulls up and the stranger invites her into the vehicle.They, then drive to a secluded spot out of the city and proceed to do business. While in the dark, this lady begins to notice something different about this john.She starts to hear this thumping on the roof of the interior of the Lincoln.Instintively, she pulls on the door handle and to her great and unimaginable horror, she sees the john`s tail thumping on the roof just above her head.Gasping in shock, she somehow extricates herself from this thing and literally ejects herself from the vehicle.She sprints down the road, in the dark, unoblivious of the fact that she is running in stiletto heels!
These are some of the tales which defy explanation. Do these things occur because evil is drawn to certain situations.On any given night, that stranger sitting across from you in that dimmly lit bar. Could it be....oh, never mind, it`s just too fantastic a notion to even consider, Or is it?In my mother`s case, we found out later, through a local historian that our house was situated right next to the old Canwood road which led to town. According to this particular source, in the old days, sometimes wayfaring travellers would bury their dead on the side of the road as necessity dictated, It makes one wonder.Sleep well tonight, fellow writer, if you can.

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