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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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Make me Free Again

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soul mates

I was listening to some chilled dubstep and I got a spark of inspiration to write this.

Set me Free!
I need your reviving touch
to bring me back
to life.
Break these chains that
slice into my wrists
and pour out my blood with
every shaking pulse.

Unbind me from my fears.
Teach me how to love again!
Help me climb out of this hell hole
and start again.
Melt the ice away from
my heart
and comfort me with
your warmth.

Fill me with music
of happiness
and ever lasting
Run your fingertips along
my skin
to burn away the scars
and help me start again!

Tell me you love me to
cast away the horrors
and the screams that haunt me
in my dreams.
Make the days of love and cherishment
live once more!
Love me with your lips
and heal me with your aura.

Make me free again.
Let me be yours.

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