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Landan Reimer Landan Reimer
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Loser in Love Pt 2: First Date

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I had so much fun writing 'barista' and everyone enjoyed it so much, I figured I'd write more to it. Again, this is partially truth with a mix of fun story

      I pull up to Kalista’s house in my small red 1987 Hyundai Pony. It’s a little car but it’s dependable and fun to drive. It has a hatchback for those summer beach trips and what-have-you. I’ll be honest; I’m distracting myself with my car instead of thinking about my upcoming date. Mostly because I’m terrified. Kalista is a gorgeous woman that I met at the local café, where I am a regular patron and she is a barista. I feel like I am leagues beneath her, but she came onto me and so here I am. I had wanted to ask her out before but had always chickened out. I step out of the Pony and check my watch.
       The time is 5:45, and the date starts at 6:00. I figure its good to be early instead of late. I swallow the lump of nervousness in my throat, run my fingers through my hair and start walking up the path. The house is beautiful, a duplex with an attached garage. The path has the garage running along side it and a couple bushes on the other side. The lawn is kept very neat. I reach the front door and pause, my stomach doing flips inside. Maybe I should wait till six to knock?
       Yeah because that’s such a great idea. Stand awkwardly outside a house I’ve never been inside, in a neighborhood where no one knows me. Not creepy at all. As you can tell, I’m totally a keeper, real husband material. And since print doesn’t do sarcasm justice, that last statement was sarcasm. Just so we’re clear. Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves, I raise my hand and knock on the door, trepidation running wild through my body.
       The knock sounds too quiet. Maybe they won’t hear it, maybe I should knock again. I stop myself from knocking again, mainly due to the fact I don’t want her parents thinking of me as ‘the kid who kept pounding on the door.’ Just as I’m thinking it’s time for me to knock again, maybe even go for the doorbell, the door opens to an angel.
       It’s Kalista, wearing a choral colored shirt that hangs off one shoulder, and dark wash jeans. She doesn’t have any make up on her face at all, and she is stunning all the more for it. When she sees that its me, a smile lights up her face and I go weak in the knees.
       “Hey you, come on in.” She steps back into the house and invites me in. I step into her landing, a decent sized porch that has two staircases leading from it. One heads up to the main floor, the other to the basement. “I’ll be right back, I’m just about done getting ready.” She turns and heads up the stairs. I stare at her leaving, trying to control my hormones. Once she’s out of sight I see her father standing near the top of the stairs, leaning against a railing that looks to be apart of her living room.
       Shit, he saw that. Way to make a good first impression Tim. Mentally kicking myself, I offer a meager introduction to the man I’m assuming is Kalista’s father. “Hello sir, I’m Tim.” I take a few steps up the stairs and offer my hand. He takes it and shakes it firmly, a smile appearing on his face.
       “Hello, nice to meet you Tim, I’m Jose.” The smile is a good sign. Maybe I got lucky and he didn’t notice the blatant check out of his daughter. He speaks in a heavy latin accent, most likely South American. “How do you like the house? Enjoy the view?” There was subtle emphasis on the last word, but enough for me to know he saw. I feel color creeping into my cheeks and I let out a nervous laugh.
       “Umm yeah, beautiful house sir.” How long is Kalista going to be? At this rate, I’m going to bumble myself into a body bag and die of embarrassment.
       “So, where do you work?” Ah moving onto the interview now. This is a strength of mine, I test well.
       “I work at a children’s shelter with the YWCA. I’m also a lifeguard at the YMCA pool up in the north.”
       “Ah! Very nice, what do you do at the shelter?”
       “Well I guide the kids through the activities we have planned and I help with chores and the like. I’m a glorified babysitter.” I joke, hoping that humor will help ease any distaste he’s developing of me.
       “Sounds like a fulfilling job, you enjoy it?”
       “Of course, I love working with children, very rewarding.” Kalista finally returns, looking pretty much identical to how she looked before except for a hint of perfume which is enchanting and earrings, nice ones that are simple, plain gold no gems. They look good on her.
       “Papi, quit interrogating him, I want him to come back again.” I like that, how simply she puts it. I’m hoping that she feels the same after supper with me. She meets me at the bottom of the staircase and starts putting on her shoes.
       “I’m not interrogating, just pestering. There’s a difference.” He smiles again, warmly at me. “You two have a good evening, drive safe. It was nice meeting you Pedro.” He walks out of sight. Kalista opens the door and looks at me with a smile, encouraging me to lead her to my car. I look at her confused, did I hear him right? Where did Pedro come from?
       I walk her to the passenger side door and open it for her. I figure I’m not overly attractive or funny, so I better be a gentleman to win her over. Then again, she asked me out, so I must be attractive to her. Anyway, mom always told me to treat ladies with the utmost of respect, so I do. Kalista lets out a little laugh when I hold the door open for her and sits down in the passenger seat.
       “What a gentleman.” That smile just sits on her face, enchanting and enticing. It makes me want to kiss her. But that would be much too forward. Maybe by the end of the night I’ll work up the courage to kiss her. Yeah right, my track record speaks for itself. I walk over to the driver’s side of the car and get in.
       “So, did he call me Pedro when we were leaving?” I ask, wanting to find out if I heard him correctly.
       “Did he? Ugh what a jerk.” She says the words laughingly, showing me she’s very close to her father, and that there’s more to this story. “You see, last week when we agreed on the night for supper, I told my parents. And he kept saying that he couldn’t remember your name, so he would give you one he could remember. Hence Pedro.“ She rolled her eyes and let out a little chuckle and shake of her head.
       I laugh at the story, “that’s hilarious, sounds like you guys are close.”
       “Yeah, he’s a great father, patient and loving.”
       We reached the restaurant sharing anecdotes from our families, laughing at the absurdity of the stories. It’s a romantic little restaurant. I’ve never been here before, but I thought it looked nice enough to impress a girl for a first date.
       “OoOo, you don’t skimp on a first date do you?” Her eyes twinkled with mirth and she took my hand and led me into the building. I must be doing something right, things seemed to be going really well. She was laughing and conversation seemed to be easy and flowing well.
       We get shown to our seats quickly and our orders taken in a few minutes. We talk about topics pretty standard for a first date. Family, friends, what high school we went to, light stuff to get to know the other person. After dinner, I decide to try asking something in hopes of getting a little deeper into her mind.
       “What’s something you’ve always wanted?”
       “I’ve always wanted a puppy of my own. I want to care and raise and raise him all my own. Play with him and have him snuggle with me at night.” The smile on her face is a little sad, he eyes drift down remembering her desire. “But mom got attacked by a dog when she was little so she’s terrified of them and I am not allowed to have one.”
       “Awe, that sucks! I never had a dog growing up because mom thought it would make the house too messy. She’s a bit of a neat freak. So what kind of dog do you want?”
       “A husky, a big one with a pretty coat.” She looked a little abashed about the next comment to leave her mouth. “I know it’s not nice, but it has to be a pretty puppy. I want one that’s beautiful. To be honest, as long as it’s a big dog that’s pretty, I would want it.”
       “Huskies are beautiful dogs, especially the ones with the two colored eyes.” I agree readily, not only because I do agree but because I want to impress her.
       “I actually wanted to go blind when I was a child.” I look at her, one eyebrow raised, a little confused by this turn of conversation.
       “Well I have pretty bad eyes sight, and every time I asked for a puppy mom and dad would tell me that if I went legally blind I would get a Seeing Eye dog. That’s the only way I’d get one as long as I live with them.”

       I laugh, surprised at her deep passion towards dogs. It makes me fall a little bit in love with her. Her passion is so evident in every action she makes. She is a woman who loves life and all the twists and turns it takes. She is vibrant and alive, totally opposite of me, a person who’s meek and timid.

       What is she doing with me? She keeps talking about something, but I’m not listening. I’m trying to figure out why she would be attracted to me. I guess the old romantic movie stand by that ‘opposite’s attract’ must be true. And hey they all end in happily ever after. Anyway I look at it, it comes down to the fact that I’m a very lucky man right now, seated across from this beautiful vibrant woman.

       The rest of the night passes in a blur of laughter and enjoyable conversation. I drive her back to her house and park the car in the driveway. This is the moment that I’ve been dreading. I’m nervous about this kiss. If I screw it up, I might ruin this relationship before it even develops.

      “Well I had a lovely time with you tonight.” I take her hand and hold it, and her soft skin is very distracting. Almost there Tim, hold it together. “I hope we can do it again?”

       Her smile is positively stunning as she replies, “I’d like that very much.” Now is the moment to plant a kiss on her lips. I chicken out and lift her hand to my mouth and giving it a light kiss.

       “Goodnight Kalista.” I smile, but I am upset inside, kicking myself over my failure. Like I said, my track record should’ve told me I’d screw it up.

       “I think you missed.” She says simply as she leans over and kisses me on the lips. Her kiss is gentle and light, yet tells of a passion deep behind it. Her lips pull back from mine and she smiles with a mischievous look.

       “Wow,” is all I can stutter.

       “Goodnight, I’ll see you soon? Call me.” She walks away, and I’m left speechless. I’d say that was a good first date.

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