John Tucker John Tucker
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perhaps use 'idea' instead of 'thought' to avoid the echo in the previous sentence.

Karen Gomez Karen Gomez
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yes you're right. It sounds better thanks!

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Karen Gomez Karen Gomez
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A reflection on life

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When you weren’t alive yet,
You were up above the sky
Shining with the rest of the stars 1 comment

When you were born,
Your destiny was fully written,

But as you aged, life seemed challenging
and the road seemed to crack under your feet

Pain and tears filled up your well
Many times, you thought that life wasn’t fair

The idea of surrender might have stroked your mind,
but our heavenly creator doesn’t leave its children behind 2 comments

Connect the dots,
Resolve your puzzle,
Take a moment,

There’s always something within your reach
Your purpose in life is a lot closer than it seems.

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