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Love this stanza, lol, so true

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Writer, writer, would-be Author

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soul mates

At times, I take some of my notes, throw them into the wild blue, if only to see, what wonders form, on the landscape of my mind.

echo of keys
in the Empty hollow
of mindless ramble
still they ring
far into the night

Outside, a mist of rain
drenches leaves
of trees preparing
to die their yearly
to land of Nod

Writer hunches over
unborn words
a prosaic huddle
in effort to
squeeze out
yet another
half-baked idea
He calls..Novel 1 comment

He swats at fly-by
fly and augments
the night
with huffs and puffs
of dreaded curl
and whirl of
with tarry
yuck and ooze

Light bulb
with elusive snippet of
ideas quick to
dash away from clutch of mind
out of nowhere comes
inspired,scribbled notes
he had left hanging
replete and emptied
of the desired
of conception

The seed is there
yes, always there
in the secret part
of your Art
if only
you will let It out
of its`jail

Mid October is almost over
pumpkin stare
to dare
my derriere
to speak
of pork and beans

Clock ticks on wall
I fall
crawl tall in the midst
of definitive chill
At will, to kill
fresh idea from
rising to grand heights
the craggy place
where eagles scree!
high above the Storm
we call strife
in my life

Writer, writer
would-be author
clock ticks off his precious
precocious breath
Michtam of Maschil
he reads
from the Psalm of Books
Youth flees away
from mirrored
dirge of grey

Soon it will be
time to fly away
to lands
just a whisper away
don`t mean Vegas
money won`t buy
the happy
that Writer seeks
in pages of gold inlay

For dry baloney
is the lonely
brunch he schumps down
down on the head
of a clown that
cannot make him laugh

Writer, writer, would-be author
never surrender
scrawl out your truth
till your hands bleed
sweet undeniable juice
of prose
that the world may no
longer deny
nor may they try

Your words
will live on
long after
you return to dust
and you become
the star you always
dreamt to be

Writer, writer
still not, thy pen
for the world awaits
to see
what you must Be.

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