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Love the rhyme of the last few lines here

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The Lazy ``J``

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soul mates

I have no idea what the ``J``means in this poem. Any suggestions?

Come out of yourself
lazy J
time is wasting
soon you`ll be wishing
you had taken that chance
that flew by you
in a heartbeat

Some things never come by again
as the farmer with the rain
plant deep, sow what
you know
you cannot keep

wade in deep
and all good
things will
chase you down
in due time

Hey, come on
lazy J
seize the day!
time to make hay
while the sun
warms your back
don`t be a hack!

Work is not
a 4-letter word
in the better
land, by far
to sweat
is to get
what the other
feller sits
and wishes for 1 comment

The march of Time
none can reverse
y`ll take turn fer worse
if lazee you be
dump yer T.V!
the dilligent hand
will claim
the promised Land

Hey, hey, hey
don`t go away mad
it was your dad
whut preached
the economy
of his day!

When, at long last
ya retire
you can hire
to stoke your fire
they`ll be no lean
mean times for you, boy!
cause you learnt
that you`ll get burnt
if you stay
a lazy J.

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