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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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The Black Heart

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soul mates

There are so many things in this life that we may never understand. The point at which X meets Y is always a deep mystery. If only, there was some way we can know, when the next time will occur. But, as finite humans, we can only pray.

there it is
just a-thumpin`
when, by rights
It shouldn`t be
it couldn`t be

the doctor of Life
marvelled to see the day
he first saw it beating
bleeding,no remorse
because, you see
it took the lives
of many innocent

when it spurned
the sanctity
of other lives
he willfully subtracted
the joy of living
that might have been

he walked into
their unsuspecting lives
with guns a-blazing!
Bang! bang!
you`re dead!

so like a child`s game
he played it
the Black Heart
knows no pity
human, he may
well not be

was once
someone`s baby
cradled in the gentle arms
of a mother`s love

Pow! pow! pow!
Why? why?..why?
did he decide
one day
who should live
and who should die?

Black Heart
only you can answer
the Eternal Why
they now cry
the pain which shall
never be

Even if you
quit beating
there would be
no final disclosure
the final curtain
on the issue
would never fall

Black Heart
let me try
to understand
the reason
for your deadly impulse
the trigger of
your cause

Perhaps I can
someday find it
in your head
the cold-blooded unreason
that surfaced on that fateful day
when lives were marked to die
on the dark night of day, that
no one will ever understand
Or even try.

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