Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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I purposely wrote``thots``in this manner, because I was feeling a little rebellious, at the time.

Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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I'd remove the comma Allen :) with it there, it's like you're emphasising we have little psyches!

Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
Recommendations: 35

Sorry to be so analytical here again, but this comma in the first line also isn't needed.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
Recommendations: 18

What If...?

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soul mates

This is just another stretch of imagination. I`m glad , for one, that characters, cannot run wild, uncorralled.  But, once in a great while, one finds a hole in the fence...

What if...
the characters that
You write about
came to life?
what would they say?

Would they beg you
not to kill them off too soon?
they say, ``What if``
is for children
but, hey, that`s o.k
Kerouak might
have been thought
to have been
out of his``skull-o-wack``
but the man had some interesting thots 2 comments

And, what if your quirked
figments could
whisper ``suggestions``into
your already busy, little psyche?
oh, what an interesting little party
you would have on your hands
and, I`m not talkin`virtual reality 1 comment

The fact, is that concept
may not be too far from
the truth, fetched from our dreams
just shallow inches, from the
surface, where the Censor
dares not to dip its`busy wizened Hand 1 comment

Might they take the occasion
to hold you hostage
in a room where you might write unbound
by earthly , staunched convention?
and, would you, be a willing
prisoner as the words would
flow out of you
without pitiful human constraint?

Could a`, should a`
computer write
the next, Great?
that`s yet, another vein of thought
for another Day

but, for now, let`s consider
Your characters
would they be willing to listen
to your voice of reason?
would, they indeed
Obey your pathetically contrived
commands? Or suggestion?

I shudder at the idea
that Writer could be so easily
led to cogitations
beyond the reach of
the finite,mortal mind

Would you awaken in Wonderland
or a place much
worse for wear
But, then, again
who would care?
But, for now
put your characters to bed
and, hopefully
not together.

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