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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Heart of Ice

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soul mates

Of such is the human condition that we are born alone. But we need not stay alone. Life is for sharing. The Heart of Ice is only for those who will not be warmed by the joy of being fully human.

I have walked on the Plains
with my Heart of Ice
soaked in the rains
clutching to the quick
the human warmth escaping

Outside of the tin flute calling
I have marched on the shores of Tripoli
I`ve shifted on the sands of Time
not knowing where I`m going

Outside of the world I`ve been spinning
on my weave of shrill mind bending
``Go deeper`` they told me
in their sad gongs of church bell ringing
Cry soldier weeps at door without handle
he will never see her again in the rain
of His winds of war swept widow
decrying jolt the shuddering cannon

the Asian crazin`
days of Rage and firin`
at nothin` outside of
what my lonely eye could see
the stripes and stars
were blazin`, brazen
sharp as the Sword of Democales
swift as the raging river
of Father Time and its`
irresistable flow of wine

Outside my window someone
calls my Other name
not knowing that curiousity is
its own reward, my card
my calling cards are my words
imbedded in strange glyphs of
language beyond reason

So sadly I beckon Thee
of the Sunshine Eyes
break through to me
in this barren land
just hold me close and
my Heart of Ice
will turn to flesh once more.

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