Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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"writtings" should be "writings" audience(sp) attempt(sp) writing(sp) receive(sp)

Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
Recommendations: 37

repercussions(sp) typical(sp)

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Jordan Hewitt Jordan Hewitt
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An Amature Writer

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Why do I write? Why do I spend my time working away at these keys on this keyboard? What purpose does this time consuming task do for me? What purpose does it serve others? Do I write for my audiance or myself? Im not sure.

I spend from minutes to hours crafting stories and essays. I share some with others and keep some to myself. I write well and I write poorly. It all varies on my mood, my determination, and my mental state. I write through anger and joy, good days and bad. I write when Im bored and when im busy. I write when Im in love and when Im heartbroken. I write for my classes and for my frineds.

However I choose who reads my writtings. My already low self confidence seems to prevent my writings from reaching a larger audiance. Only those who I trust, those who I know won't make fun of the words I throw together on a page. However my atempt to shelter my writting from those who I dont want to view fails and I do recive comments which prove to be tasteless. I fight to remove their words from my thoughts and try and press on. However walking through the halls I still recive sarcastic quotes from my wrttings. 1 comment

But I trust the people of this community which I write with, not only are they good people, but I will never see a member of this community in my life. Being on the internet, any outsiders who were to read will never meet me and therefore I hide behind this electronic curtain. This shrowd allows me to present anything I want with no repercusions. Anyone I know who may stumble upon this site is a writer, or a reader whom respects authors. Not the tipical student who roams around my school. 1 comment

I guess what im trying to say is thank you scribslice, for allowing me to share whatever it is I create, with others who respect it no mater how good or how bad it may be.

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