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"...how did i narrowly escape marrying her?" LMAO loved this line XD

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That Was Years Ago

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soul mates

Sometimes, you might meet up with some gal you used to go with, but, she just ain`t the same no moah! Back then, she may have seemed the Belle of the Ball, but now...that`s a different story for another time.

I saw her
just the other day
and I thought
``My God, how did I
narrowly escape
marrying her?``
She looks so old before her time
I thought I loved her, at; Once
upon a drunken time
but, that was years ago 1 comment

She has no teeth now
and when she smiled at you
you hoped that your wife
wouldn`t ask if you knew her
but, that was years ago
Yeah, thank God, that
was years ago.

Green eyed lady
ocean baby
she`s still got those
lyin eyes that are still lyin`
She was a gypsy woman
dancin`roun` the firelight
of my dreams

In dreams, she walked with me
but she was also a Lucy
with diamonds in her eyes
and she messed up my sunshine skies
but that was years ago too

Marijane was my
only true friend
she was the end All
I liked the way she drove her Farm-all
all the way up and down
the Upside of my back
that was many, many years ago
so many I scarce can recall

Seen an old friend coming out
of a sleazy dive one dark night
and he started quizzin`me on old flirts
and all I could say was, hey friend
that was years ago
let them old dogs lie
cause thats where they belong

Seems to me, I heard a song
long, long ago
and it was almost like these
women never happened to me
cause that was some 40 years ago
back in my foolish younger day

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