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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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soul mates

Let the trees grow. And breathe the air that they produce, while it`s still free. When the sparrows start falling from the skies, then we will know that we have gone too far with our toxic skies.

Toxic skies`
lyin`to my eyes
I once believed in you
Oh, great Medicine man
in your immaculate
white lab coat

You descended from the mists
of my vague understanding
even though my Biology
lacked clear validation
the poison was in the nation
and you had the task
to invent the synthesis
of clear drink of water

Is there anything clean anymore?
where is the pristine?
for even the mountains
are choked with
no promise of evergreen

As we speak
I understand that
the Fallout
is hidden in the clouds
above us

I`m feverish
and I don`t know why
the fish that I ate
this evenin` winked at me
with three eyes
So, what do you say to that?

Is it all toxic?
Can someone please
draw back the curtain
so that we all can see
I`m feverish
and I don`t know why

Is it that now
the waiter`s check has now arrived
and no one has the means
to pay the bill
of a thousand reckless years?
and what will my son breathe?
synthetic air?

Will he have to wear a tank
on his back
when he goes out to play
in the shadow
of a radioactive Sun?

I`m feverish
and I don`t know why
maybe the answer is in the fly
that dropped its` pie in my eye
go ahead and laugh
cause we`re in this together
I am fever
and I don`t know

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