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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Ze 25th of Zeptembah

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soul mates

``Jez thot I``d Xercice my right to express this mess in my head into sumthin whut breaks most of the Rools a`` grammar and gramper.

It`s the 25th of Septembah
the goozes are flyin`Hi!
Don`t mean I`m mournin`
there soarin`above my muddy sky
cause I got the Ragin Cana-jun
bach to school of cool Rule
Blooz, it them doity, old
debbil blues callin`

It`the time of dem` leaf fallin`
and pumpkin ready to
come callin`
Itz all right tonight, tonight`s
alright wid` me!

tell me what I say
stampedin` leabs
chasin` afta me
crunchin` roun`
everywhere ah steps

it the 25th
of Septembah
an it gittin`coolah!
an I ain`got no moolah!
dat ain` Koolah!

Not lookin` 4 ward
to seein`The King of Kool
which is Wintah!
come gallopin along
wid itz windee Song

I guess I betta hop-a-long
and getta my long john On
cuz soon I`ll be freezin`
and squeezin
Travel mags whut tortures me
wid pitchers
of Waikiki beaches
Y`all !!!

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