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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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I Walk Alone, Yet not Alone

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soul mates

This one is for all those who ever felt that they were all alone. The only time we are truly alone is when we choose to be. Beside that, I personally choose to believe that there are Those who have been assigned to keep an eye on the watcher.

She just told me
I don`t know why
I get scared at times
when you`re not here
And I know why
cause at night
I walk alone

And, yet,I know
that Someone
is beside me there
I cannot explain
in human terms
who it is
or why it is
all I can tell you
is that it was
assigned to me at birth
to watch over me
both when I awake
and as I sleep

I thought I saw him once
with fierce eyes blazing
and fiery sword drawn
against my enemies
ready to roll back the dark hordes
that come out of the Black Forest
in the stirring twilight hours

Night after night
I walk these lonely corridors
weeping within
aching in my heart
to hear the precious
sound of the human voice
to break through
these walls
I had built
around this fortress of
my stony heart

And I think of God
and of what He must see
those millions of fallen creatures
that wander the vastness of
their dark and wicked
existence forever and a day

I walk alone
and, yet, never truly alone
as human mind
percieves it
because if their desire
to kill me were possible
I would have been
dead long ago
I walk alone
yet never truly

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