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Beautiful imagery here :)

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Black Ice

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soul mates

Winter is coming. I feel it in my bones. This season is going to be different, I think. Drive safely....if you can.

In my part of the country
there is something that is clear
and, yet...not so clear
that happens
on our roads
in the dead of Winter

It is said that
it is one of Nature`s scornful
acts, deadly in its intention
for, you see, my dear
It was never meant
to grace the coldness
of mid-winter`s road

You`ll never see it
even after the fact
or so say the old timers
cause, you see
it`s a heart-breaker
when she does happen

Just pray that
you`re not transportin`
precious cargo
when it does happen

They say
that it is a slick
metaphor for death
come calling

Slip sliding away
the hopes of all the years
crushed in the twinkling
of a sudden moment
with the sickening sound of
impacting metal on tree 1 comment

a woman`s scream
stabs into the Night
to end all nights
when just moments ago
she was planning next summer`s
vacation in sunnier, funner climes

They`ll read about it
of course, over their casual marmalade
and hot tea breakfast
and with a shake of the head, will say,
``Poor souls, they probably never knew
it was there.``
and then, they`ll move on
to the comics section

Slow down and save the day
and pray that there
is no one coming over the rise
for this is the heritage
of Black Ice.

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