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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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The Farmer, the Chicken and the Porker

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She had a friend.

F U N E X?  S V F X.  F U N E M?  S V F M.

      One day, the Chicken and the Pig were involved in a passionate discussion of Farmer

Brown`s benevolence towards them and the other farmyard animals. The Chicken was the

most appreciative of them all, or so it seemed. The Pig, on the other hand had some

reservations. One thing led to another during their highly regarded estimation of their

Benefactor and Master. The Chicken had always been especially fond of the way in which

Farmer Brown had left him in charge of the other hens, especially as they made their way

to market.

     The Pig was somewhat grateful for the way Farmer Brown had always been concerned

about his weight. It seemed that Farmer Brown was always encouraging him to eat as much

corn as he could possibly contain. So, the Porker was absolutely gung-ho, when the

Chicken bought up the suggestion that the farmyard animals should get together to cook

up a dinner of appreciation for Farmer Brown. They put their heads and resources

together and decided that they would put on a particularily sumptuous breakfast for

their kind Master.

     It was unanimously decided that the Chicken would be in charge of all the

arrangements for the surprise feast. The Chicken had never been shy about ``crossing the

road``as far as being inventive about such decisive matters, so he brainstormed with the

horse, dog and cow and the rest of the members of the Farmyard Association. Finally, it

was decided that the Chicken would have the final say as to the arrangements. They were

all ecstatic and envisioned that the surprise breakfast would, indeed, be a resounding


     The dinner table was gorgeously set. The settings were perfect, and were, by far,

worthy of a front cover shoot for Chateleine magazine. However, the menu had not yet

been discussed at that particular juncture. At this point in time, the Chicken took the

Porker aside and offered to supply the eggs...if the Porker would agree TO SUPPLY THE


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