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Beautiful start to a poem! Great little stanza :)

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Winter Comes A-Creeping

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soul mates

She`s  back !. And, there`s not a freakin` thing we can do about her. Exceptin`for the fact that we can stop whinin` about her, she`not too bad, you know. I mean I could be spraying my lawn white in Mexico for the festive season. It just wouldn`t be the same. EH?

I felt her yesterday
cause she told me she would be back
I didn`t want to believe her
because at the time
I was wrapped up in the warmth
of her sister`s embrace 1 comment

Summer laughed with a sparkle
when she left me to dread
her cold, white sister
she can be so cruel
when, at last she comes a-creepin`

Silently, she makes her rude
prescence known
barging through
my beautiful sunshine skies
her eyes pierce me with her sharp
icicles which
crackle in the midnight moon

One of these mornings
she`ll be parked
on my doorstep
sitting there in her white blanket
with impudent sneer
and sudden blast of her
fits of rage
which threaten to make me a full
blown wuss

Winter comes a-creepin
whenever she pleases
she covers my land
with her purity
cleansing all
that is dirt-brown

The children of the town
love her as no other
cause they know Christmas
comes with her
and so too
does the Holiday Spirit

So let her come
let her come a-creepin
into my life once more.

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