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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Flying High

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She had a friend.

I told this little story to my 16 year old son, a few minutes AFTER we just had Chinese food. I hope you get  kick out of it.

      Once upon a time, an eagle went hunting. He soared high above the clouds until he

decided to swoop down for a tasty knosh. Far below on the rambling expanse of the

plains, he spied a scampering lone mouse. They say that an eagle has such superior

eyesight that they can discern miniscule prey, such as a small rodent from a distance of

a quarter mile. This may be somewhat of a stretch of truth, but, nevertheless, the eagle

set his sights on his noonday meal.

     The eagle shot down from the lofty heights with such speed and accuracy that the

poor mouse didn`t know what hit him. Try as he might have, to escape, the mouse was

snatched up from the earth in a blur of movement, as the eagle swallowed him whole!

Needless to say, the mouse didn`t have a chance. The eagle was so hungry that he didn`t

èven bother to chew the mouse. At this point,the eagle decided to fly to a higher

altitude in order to fully digest his dinner. At around 8000 feet in the air as the

eagle was riding on the updraft of the wind current, he suddenly felt the urge to have a

dump. At that exact moment, the mouse emerged from the anus of the eagle, fully

intact. At which point the mouse looked up earnestly at the eagle and asked the ultimate



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