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Arien Mills Arien Mills
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The 11 Year Old Man

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soul mates

Back to Earth, to the floor
flew the boy who was fat
back to the ground, onto the carpet
with his face to the mat
the knuckles were bloody
the pain so intense
still he got up
he was going to finish it.

the crack of a rib
the crowd booed and jeered
still he fought on
his face showed no fear
his opponent stood standing
face shocked, almost scared
the determination was undaunted
the boy who was fat no longer cared

he no longer cared
how bruised or bloody he got
he no longer cared
about how long he had fought
this war must end
sweat gleamed, awaiting glory
he was going to finish it
no matter how gory

The intruder threw one
he missed, oh the shame
the boy who was fat
it was his turn for fame
he dodged the flying fist
and threw one of his own
right to the jaw
of his feeble-minded foe

the force of his strength
joined with quite a few extra pounds
intensified the blow
and made a horrible sound
the breaking of that jaw
heard from a mile away
awakened the classrooms
and out they all came

the yelp of the oppressor
versus the triumphant cry
brought out a whole new boy
who was no longer fat, or shy
the years of torture
the hurt, the grief
was all worth it today
he had turned a new leaf.

suspension was inevitable
punishment was due
but this was his day
a day that came to few
only those with spirit
and a soul strong and proud
could ever dare to dream
of hearing that sound

the sound of defeat,
not by him, but the other
unlike countless before him
he was no longer just another
braveless, heartless,
one whose pursuers yelled, "get 'im!"
no longer a boy, but an 11 year old man
who had earned his freedom.
on the recess playground.

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