Samantha Wright Samantha Wright
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Maybe use 'nor' instead of "Or no color..."

Samantha Wright Samantha Wright
Recommendations: 18

*You're, "the crap out *of me"

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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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soul mates

I am staring at this blank page before me. I have feelings and emotions I want
to somehow focus in to writing. I can't seem to process thoughts into
words onto the page before me.

My mind is blank, this bright page before me has no ink nor color to
prove I am a writer. I am trying to write, but all my mind is capable of doing
right now is shooting blanks. 1 comment

Blank page you're irritating the crap out me because I am trying to express
myself. May I please have my emotions and words processed into some sort
of writing please? 1 comment

Here I am glaring at the blank page, because I am trying to express how I feel
not how I am staring at the blank page.

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