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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Ambulance Driver

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soul mates

This is my homage to those tireless men and women that do the job which most would not dream of doing. Whenever I hear that familiar siren screaming into the night and see those dreaded flash of lights, I pray.

My, my..what utter carnage
your eyes must see
to look upon the horror of
snuffed out lives
to behold the wretchedness
of death firsthand

What goes through your mind?
as you pull them out like sheaves
of spoiled summer`s wheat
there are no sufficient words
to utter against the
stark reality of tragic and sudden
final denoument

Oh, the utter folly of wasted lives
that which wicked unseen things
snatch from the cup of sacred life
as I live and breathe
I may never understand
the swift and irreversible
hand of so sad a fate

Perhaps it was written
in a book somewhere
long before we drew our
last swip of air
that IT would come calling
someday in its`dark coat of gray
to steal away the beautiful flowers
of our short lives
forever and a day
come what may

Sleep on now, death rider
until they call you once more
to complete the fate that
will come on any given day or night
that IT pleases and whenever
it chooses to rouse you out of
the blanket of temporary
refuge, the respite
that never stays its`hand.

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