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Daniel Sintos Daniel Sintos
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i Celebrate

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soul mates

An old writing that I had removed. I only see it fitting to repost it one year later.

I rise before the sun and log on. Friends, for whom the sun was setting, greet me. I tried playing a game, but there's no time. I pick my favourite clothes and swaddle myself in my favourite black coat.
i Celebrate.

I drive away from the confines of the city, its scathing memories hushed by the drone of my car. A gentle fog caresses my car. The sun greets me through it. I look right at the shining ball and smile.
i Celebrate.

I step into the abbey and revel in the solemn stillness. Ancient chants echo off the walls as a stillness resonates within me. I step outside and the mountains and a lake greet me. For the first time in a long time I feel complete.
i Celebrate.

A server greets me and shows me a seat. In the presence of old couples and young families, I enjoy the company of my absent son. I eat their food and wish I were elsewhere. The server's smile warms the bitter cold.
i Celebrate.

I visit a park and immerse myself in the view. A beautiful woman reads nearby and i shy away like usual. Ducks greet me with quacks and ducklings with queecks. Children laugh all around me.
i Celebrate.

I return home with the sun still shining. Exhausted from lack of sleep, I refuse to nap. I play online games with friends and lose. I decide to surf the web.
i Celebrate.

I take my book and anchor words. I cage ideas to physical form. I look at the clock and count my day's end. I strike the page with my final words:
i Celebrate.

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