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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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Take my heart.

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She had a friend.
Now and then.
Silent words.

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Take my heart for you had it all, you were my grandfather and best friend
rolled into one. I will always and forever love you. Oh oh I will never ever
forget you.

You are always right by my side though out all my highs and lows. You and I
had a bond that I will never ever forget. Take my heart and give me the memories
of your life that I will never forget.

Oh oh oh I will miss the times where we did nothing, but sit and talk and we would
be together enjoying each other`s company. Take my heart and show me that in the
littlest ways that you are still with me.

May I always remember the little things you did for me and the life lessons you
taught me. Take my heart, for you can show me the true meaning of everlasting

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