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Spelling is not too good in this story. When you post something for others to read, poor grammar, spelling and punctuation will make them stop reading it, you probably will not get many comments, and people will lose interest in a hurry. A suggestion would be to spell check everything, ask someone else to read it and proof it before you post, and then go over it again yourself looking for mistakes. Just my advice, your opinion (and others) may vary.

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Chessie Carter Chessie Carter
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my story

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She had a friend.

      My great aunt june died when i was sixteen. We were really close. She always told me stories from when she was a little girl. She had beutiful horses and apple trees. I was really upset after she died because all of my cousins were mad that all they got were old family recipies. Those un grateful little brats!
I mean its not like she had any money, yea she lived in a big house and had people take care of her trees and animals, but the house was payed for and the people were getting hours for comunity service. At leat they got stuff before they were eighteen.
         It was the last week of seniore year. classes were pretty layed back. the teachers were probably tired of a year listening to abnoxious teenagers complain that their classes were to hard. I know i was. Anyway, i was in the middle of drama class when someone in a suit whith whitening hair and wierd glasses walked in.
e kinda looked like he was fbi or something. I was kinda worried when he called my name and asked for me to follow. I shoved the handouts Mr.Bruner had givin the glass and left all the wispers and acusations behind.
         "Now Ilisa, I bet your wondering why i pulled you out of class."
         "Its Izz, and yea i am."
         "Well, short story is i was your Aunt junes lawyer."
         "Ok. That stillo doesnt explain anything"
         "Here. Just read this." He handed m a copy of her will.
         I couldn't help but giggle when i read. To so and so I leave this recipie for apple something or other. but i stoped when i saw my name.
         To my dearest Iliza Warren. I leave you the most valuable thing i own. the place full of secrets and wonder, the place were i grew up, the place were i used to run around and explore. I leave you the house, the trees, and the horses. I leave you my memories and secrets. You are not to know about this until you are eighteen and almost out of high school. I will miss you.
         I almost got teary eyed. 1 comment

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