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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Faithful is the Lone Ship on the Sea of Random Hearts

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soul mates

For 17 years, I`ve sat across the table of my grand feast , with the same woman. With no regrets, we`ve shared the laughter and tears which Life brings along the way.I wish you all well in your search for the One who will be forever faithful.

These are the days
Grandpa talked about
cause he must have seen it coming
down the road, for a long ways off

who would have known
that it would come to This
seems like dating
has become a loaded gun
like them Russians used to play
six bullets in the chamber
at any given time
if you know what I mean

Whatever happened to those days
when a guy really got to know a gal
before they dispensed with the magic
and the romance with a turn of the sheets

Oh, sure, once in a great while
you hear of a couple
saving themselves for one another
yep..must be a beautiful thing
when it happens

Fidelity isn`t something
one plays on a stringed instrument
just on the delicate strings of the heart
if you catch my drift
by the way, speaking of catching things
I hear playing the field is quite lethal
in these days of ragin` misplaced passion
that`s if you know what I mean

Be careful,is what they used to say
don`t play with random hearts
cause sometimes one has to pay
the price that no money can heal
you all have a good day now

Faithful is the lonely ship
that is sure to avoid
the tragic coral reef
that splits men`s hearts
in half, in sorrows black and deep.

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