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Paul Day Paul Day
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Turning The Tables

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soul mates

What if the tables were turned
And I was in control
What if I were King
And you subject to me

Would I show you the same respect
As you have never shown
What if I were a Leader
And you belonged to me

What if history were different
And instead of you being cruel
How things would have changed
Had you not bullied me

Would you feel fear and torment
As for the longest time I have
What if I was your boss
And not you the boss of me

What if time had been more kind
And I was in control
What if I had all the power
And you were under me

The time will come
When you will answer
For all that you have done
For every day records your works
With the setting of the sun

The time will come
When you will see
What your bullying has done
When you are asked to give account
Before the last great day
With the setting of the last day’s sun

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