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Michael Cooper Michael Cooper
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Time and Foundations – it takes both

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From my blog - thanks for reading.

The other day a friend of mine made the observation that he remembered being a boy and thinking that the school year would take FOREVER to end.  Today, as he looks back, it seems time has sped up.  He said, "I was just 10 years old yesterday."  Today, though, he is 39.

Time has, indeed, sped up.  Gone are the days of carefree living, no responsibilities and not having to earn your way.  Time took a long time because we didn't have meetings, customers, deadlines, children, spouses, etc making demands on our time.  Today we can look up and realize some or most of our life is gone, seemingly in the blink of an eye.

What my friend didn't observe was, that while he was in school, he was developing his brain, learning to get along with others, and giving himself a foundation on which to later build his life.  He was learning to meet deadlines, accomplish assignments, and the value and necessity of a good work ethic.

Developing your brand, your career or your business is no different.  In the beginning it seems like it takes FOREVER to get established and known.

Think of it like putting up a large building.  You drive past construction projects every day.  In the beginning it looks like nothing is happening.  You may see some movement as the large machines push dirt this way and that, but you don't really notice any progress.

Then one day you realize how far the project has come. It suddenly appears as if the project is moving at lightning pace.  Floors may go up one a day.  But none of this seemed possible just a few short weeks or months ago.

Establishing your brand, business or career is no different.  In the beginning it takes time.

Right now you may be scrounging for work or sales.  You may have few contacts or a very small network.  You may have little or no visibility in the marketplace. You're in the foundation stage of your building project.

Concentrate on the quality of your work.  Get involved with your community to give something back.  Get involved with your industry association to help move your industry forward.  As you get involved your network will grow, your visibility will increase and you'll be in position to know about opportunities you might not know about otherwise.

Most of all, no matter how you choose to tackle your building project, do it and don't quit.

And don't worry about the time it takes.  All businesses go through the building phase- you're no different.  Take time to build your foundation.

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