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Nicole Martinez Nicole Martinez
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soul mates

That moment when you’re in your room and blast music just incase

That moment when you hear the news and can feel your heart breaking

That moment when you try to hold back the tears because you need to be strong

But you can’t because you’ve already been too strong for too long

That moment when the tears come but won’t flow over

That moment when you just want to die

That moment when you replay everything that happened

And you look for what you could have done to prevent this and the tears finally flow

That moment when you try to keep standing but you know it’s no use

That moment when you feel your knees give out and you crumble to the floor

That moment when the body wrenching sobs start and you can’t stop them no matter what you do

And you just sit there on the ground hopeless, letting the music drown out the noise

That moment when you feel you will never stop crying or feeling sad no matter how long you live

That moment when you suddenly realize tears are pointless to the cause and the sobs stop

That moment when only tears continue as you slowly regain your strength

Then you stand up and go to your bed, ready for its familiar safety

That moment when you enclose yourself in covers and let the warmth wash over you

That moment when you realize tomorrow you will have to act like everything is fine, that you don’t have a broken heart no matter how you look

That moment when you cry yourself to sleep and the last thought you have is that you would give up anything to go back when things were perfectly fine

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