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Paul Day Paul Day
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Children of the Morning

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soul mates

For all those mothers and fathers who never got to see their children grow and for whom the great loss and sadness will forever shadow every day of their lives.

Children of the morning dew
Whose faces only their mothers knew
Born of innocence they died in vain
Never to be born again

Spirits of the heavenly hosts
So little are these wandering ghosts
Endowed with all that heaven gives
Within each one now an Angel lives

Oh what creatures would have danced
If they had but been given chance
Oh what joy these little ones
Some born daughters, some born sons

Children of the coming dawn
For whom doth lonely mothers mourn
Who wonder what they would become
With the rising and the setting sun

The little ones with Angels sing
On banks of eternal heavenly spring
A song they never learned from birth
For these cherubs passed too soon from Earth

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