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Paul Day Paul Day
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The Little Angel

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soul mates

This began as a much more innocent story, but became something else entirely. I hope you all enjoy.

One day amidst the silver clouds
In the palace of the King
A small cherub child was born
The tiniest sweetest little thing

Her cries were sweet like music
Her skin as soft and white as snow
And joy filled all of Heaven
As they watched the Cherub grow

An Angel had not been born
In the very longest while
But her presence in the Kingdom
Brought to every soul a smile

One day this little Cherub
Was out playing in the clouds
When a secret danger hidden
Took the child without a sound

A cry rang out in Heaven
As the hosts searched high and low
And fear gripped the hearts of Angels
As evil once hidden began to show

“They’ve taken her to the land of Hades”
Called the greatest of the hosts
“Where children of the un-dead dwell
And walk the underworld as ghosts”

So a decree was sent from Heaven
To find the cherub child
And destroy this terrible evil
Who Heaven’s daughter would defile

Michael and his brother Lucifer
Were chosen for the task
And they were ready in a moment
Before their Lord did ask

They travelled down from Heaven
Taking form amongst the sons of men
They began their search in earnest
From the realm of men to the devil’s den

Now Michael was a great Angel
But Lucifer was greater still
And unbeknownst to Michael
His brother had the stronger will

For Lucifer had ambition
To overthrow the throne of God
Too late did Michael realise
As upon the Earth they trod

One day a message came to him
As Michael pondered in his thoughts
A messenger from his brother
Told what deception had been wrought

“He has her locked away in keep”
The terrible message read
“Come quick if you want your cherub back
Before the Angel child is dead”

Michael’s countenance was fierce
As he stood upon the beach
And he prayed to Heaven in earnest
The Lord of Hosts he there beseeched

Then he took a million Angels
Sent to aid him from above
And he flew to the very gates of hell
On the wings of the Spirit Dove

At the gates his adversary was revealed
As Lucifer met him face to face
“I was denied my Lordship
And now the price is the human race”

“Give back what belongs to Heaven”
Michael boomed with thunderous voice
“You’d be wise to now surrender
This is your one and only choice”

“I will give over the Angel child
When Heaven grants me Earth”
Lucifer so stubborn said
For all that his request was worth

“God gave you everything he loved
And still enough it’s not?”
Said Michael with the voice of God
“Or has my brother now forgot?”

In a lasting terrible raging war
The two brothers fought for love
Lucifer rode upon a dragon
And Michael on his Dove

In one final desperate move
Lucifer thrust his sword
But a shout came from Heaven
It was the voice of their Lord

In a moment of distraction
Michael in advance attacked
And stole back the Angel child
Then brought the Cherub back

In Heaven at the throne of God
The girl was there presented
And the story told of Lucifer
Who the throne of God resented

The Cherub child so precious
Was safe in Heaven’s keep
A watch by day was placed on her
And at night while she did sleep

But at the flaming gates of Hades
Deep in the bowels of Earth
Lucifer planned revenge in secret
To steal every human child at birth

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